Summer is Coming: Out with the cold, in with the bugs

Here They Come

Summer brings with it the familiar things here in the Sunshine State: busy beaches, people walking around, ice cream, and the storing away of winter jackets for months. But when the cold weather bids farewell, the pest population explodes. What kind of bug problems should you expect during the summer? The first thing you may notice when going outside to inspect the perimeter of your home for bugs is the infamous mosquito–their bites sting and leave you with days of discomfort. In addition, they carry diseases and spread viruses

Old tires, flower pots, and so many other items in a yard collect standing water and become a breeding ground for harmful pests like mosquitoes.

Clean-up Time!

What can you do right away to minimize these pests and many, many others? Especially before the hot summer months, your house should be treated for pest control before the newly flourishing pest population from outside decides to invade your home. Go around your home and work on removing anything that is leaning on or touching the exterior walls. When you’ve cleared the ground around your home, rake a nice perimeter and think of it as a moat around your castle. If you use mulch, leave a few inches of dirt area between the mulch bed and the wall for air to reach the soil. Trim back bushes a few inches from the house, and cut tree branches that overhang or are too near to your roof. The best thing that you can do to eliminate mosquitoes is to eliminate their breeding grounds: standing water. Anywhere around your home that holds water–be it a bucket or flower pot, or simply a low spot that needs some fill-dirt to build a grade outward/away from your home–the first step in attacking the mosquito problem is reducing areas where water can puddle in order to prevent the larvae from hatching new mosquitoes. There are various products available to help temporarily deter the presence of mosquitoes that you can purchase at home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, or even Wal-Mart or Target, such as foggers, sprays and candles. Some products, such as those applied to your body to prevent mosquito bites, are harsh and over time have been shown to lead to health problems. These products are helpful for when you have guests, or are trying to spend time outside without the annoyance of these blood-sucking insects–but if the mosquitoes are already breeding, those efforts will soon feel like a waste.

Does your neighbor’s back yard or nearby business have a perfect bug breeding zone like this?

Be Proactive

Even after all of the cleaning around your home’s exterior, are you still having mosquito problems? Though it may sometimes seem impossible to eradicate mosquitoes and other pests, the root of the problem is always nearby and you can still take steps to mitigate an even worse problem. Talk with your neighbors and encourage them to do the same maintenance around their homes as you have, as this will exponentially reduce the problem for you and those around you.

The most important step after all of your hard work around the perimeter of your home is to be proactive. Take advantage of this fresh opportunity to have your home treated for pest control before the season’s bug population gets worse. After taking steps to safeguard your home, you not only will have reduced the pest problem, but your home will look great and will be easier (and cheaper!) to maintain for seasons to come! 

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